Tech - Savvy Education

NIVRS designs its curriculum in accordance with today’s information age, where students need to be connected to the world. Students are encouraged to learn, create, explore, simulate, investigate and present their views in a virtual world. Computers are used in libraries, laboratories and classrooms to stimulate teaching and research.

Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn @ NIVRS

The library - The treasury of wisdom

The library is one space that attracts students of every age. Therefore we ensure it is stocked with stimulating reading material besides prescribed text books, references, encyclopedias, journals and magazines of every subject. The Computer Lab features the latest hardware & software to enable students log on to prescribed programmes, surf on relevant sites and create study material for projects.

Medi- Care Facilities

Health care is an essential commitment made to the students. To handle any sort of medical emergency, the school provides in-house medical services, with a doctor and his team always on alert.

School Transport

A fleet of vehicles ply across the city with a team of responsible drivers and supervisors taking care of the children.

Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn @ NIVRS

Hostel - Homely Feeling

NIVRS is like a second home to our students who cherish their stay in the hostels. The school takes great pride in nourishing these little people who have a strong mind of their own. They are encouraged to take care of their belongings, follow rules, mentor their juniors and at the same time enjoy their independence. Even within the strict regimen of boarding rules they learn to take out time to relax and enjoy themselves. Friendly house wardens are always accessible to them. Regular prayers, study and play time create discipline that extends even in their holidays when they go home.


NIVRS is a Co-Educational Residential Institution in pursuit of academic excellence provides education in a holistic manner. The school is owned and managed by Yogi Narayana Education Society.NIVRS offers modern facilities of the highest order, provides education in a holistic manner.

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