Teaching Methodology :

NIVRS believes every child is born with multiple skills, talents and levels of comprehension. These should be explored and fine-tuned thoroughly by the institution and parents alike. A Student Centred Learning thus concentrates first on the student’s aptitudes, then on the skills and knowledge needed to acquire. Recent research suggests that intelligence is not unitary but multiple. Therefore, NIVRS aims to give students a broader, deeper, richer educational experience by recognizing each student’s strongest talents and building on them to ensure that all the areas of talent are developed.

Thus, NIVRS curriculum is designed to accommodate:

  • Strong core academics
  • Challenging coursework
  • Innovative projects
  • Equal exposure to extra curricular activities & sports
Admissions are open for Nursery to Standard X
NIVRS successfully combines traditional values of excellence in education with an attitude that produces new ways of imparting knowledge. It ensures that all its activities are relevant, innovative and responsive.

Students are encouraged to explore new avenues beyond their classrooms. The Wifi enabled campus enable them to acquire a meaningful interpretation of what they learn. NIVRS therefore designs its curriculum in accordance with today’s information age, where students need to connect to a wider world. They learn, create, explore, simulate, investigate and present their views in a virtual environment in libraries, laboratories and classrooms. The full fledged computer lab with internet facility is an integral part of learning from the formative years on. They learn from most up-to-date Software guided by qualified instructors who expose them to the latest developments in the field.

This tool implies that much of traditional education centres on literacy and numeracy. However different individuals have different aptitudes. By using the strongest aptitudes or ‘intelligences’ as a starting point we can educate more effectively by teaching different students the same topic in different ways. In a class situation, this approach allows students to benefit from each other’s strengths and to develop their competence in their weaker as in their stronger ‘intelligences’.

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NIVRS is a Co-Educational Residential Institution in pursuit of academic excellence provides education in a holistic manner. The school is owned and managed by Yogi Narayana Education Society.NIVRS offers modern facilities of the highest order, provides education in a holistic manner.

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